Welcome to Bella’s Fun World

Welcome to Bella’s Fun World I hope that you are enjoying my site so far. I have decided to talk a little more about myself today. I’ m Bella and I am 13 years old. Some of my favorite things to do include coding, baking, crocheting, and reading. Some of the programming languages that I know are Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I was introduced to coding when I was in 4th grade and I have been passionate about it since then. I feel that one of my favorite parts about coding is the debugging and the experimentation.
I mostly focus on my Programming after school. I’d come home, say hello to my parents, have a little snack, then either do my homework or if I don’t have any I’d go hangout with my siblings, then I would spend about 2-3 hours programming. Sometimes it can be very hard but other times not as much. My site actually has a section fully dedicated to anything that has to do with the science and technology field. I aspire to be a medical doctor. I know that you might be thinking “why are you so interested in coding if you want to be a doctor?” Honestly I focus on it because I have the natural talent to understand it and grasp the information quickly. This means that even when I might not seem like I am not fully invested in medicine. I spend a lot of my time reading books by medical doctors. Whether it’s neurologists, logotherapists and nurses I’ll read it. The book that I am currently reading is actually by a world renowned Neurologist who’s name is Ben Carson. It’s called gifted hands. It’s a really good book so far. Anyways, I hope that you have having a good day and have a wonderful rest of the week.