April 11, 2023

Today at practice was a hard and confusing day. Originally there was supposed to be no practice but instead fortunately we did have practice due to a canceled varsity meet. So we started with our usual warm-up. We also spent a little time talking about our schedule for the rest of the week into next week. I have a scheduled mock meet where we run through all the events for practice. Then there is an actual meet that I am pumped for.

I went with the hurdlers and did 1 mile on the track while jogging the straightaways and sprinting the curves. After that, we had to do 20 20-yard sprints. Yes, sprinting 20 yards 20 times was extremely exhausting but it was quick. Then we later did a run-through of an actual race and I have my form somewhat down. I say somewhat because everything else with my form is fine except for a bad habit I have of tucking my whip leg rather than extending it preventing me from potentially falling. After going through that twice, I went to work with the sprinters and do relay practices. I did a really good sprint and I’m just hoping that I can do it in meets.