April 12, 2023

Today at practice seemed like a hard day, but honestly, every day feels like a hard day at practice. We first started with our ¼ mile warm-up then we did our leg kicks and whips. Once we finished that then we did a series of leg whips over the hurdles and we did that four times as well as the mini hurdles. After that, we did 40-yard sprints with high knees, a-b skips, fall starts, and single-leg falling starts.

Then the hurdling team split into the 300-meter hurdles and 100-meter hurdles. The 300-meter hurdle people had to run a few 300s while the 100-meter hurdle people did 4 sets of stair runs on 8 different staircases. After that, a friend and I practiced hurdles with our spikes–a certain type of shoes used for better grip on the track–so that we can break back into our spikes.

While I was practicing my hurdles I finally fixed my form so it is perfect for my level. That is a MAJOR improvement for me and I was able to become more confident in my hurdling. After we finished that the team was able to choose their events for our mock meet tomorrow. I chose my four regular events which are the 100-meter dash, the 200-meter dash, the 4×100-meter relay, and the 100-meter hurdles.