April 4, 2023

Today at practice it was a hard day, which went by pretty quickly to be honest. I first went to the school trainor to get some pre-wrap to help my knee a little. Then I went outside to do my warm-ups. After that I ran a ¼ mile and I practically sprinted through it.

After the run, I did my wall kicks and my leg whips to help to stretch my hip and get more flexible. After that we did 40 yard high-knee sprints, fall starts, one-legged fall starts and A-Skips. When we finished those, my knee was throbbing but I ignored it. After that the hurdles were set up so that we could whip our leg over every other hurdle, then we did leg kicks over the sides of the hurdle. After that we did drills with the mini-hurdles. We did 1 step between each hurdle, then 2 steps, then 3 steps. After that we did what is called a hurdler’s stretch.

Then we practiced our starts. Starts are when a runner is in what are called starting blocks and basically we just practiced sprinting from the starting blocks to the first 2 hurdles. After like 4 rounds of that we did what we like to call Hurdle-Tag. There are 2 people who stand with their back away from the people they are going to chase. Then the runners are going to jump 2 hurdles and sprint away from the people who are “it”. We did about 5 rounds of hurdle tag and that was practice.

Happy Easter!