March 29, 2023

Today at practice it was a hard day meaning that the exercises that we did were quite challenging. I ended up with the hurdlers after we did our group warm up. We started with our ½ mile run and I don’t like to stop and walk unless I really need to. 97% of the time I would run the whole mile. The 3% is usually if the team has to do our mile as the last thing we do.

Our main practice we started with what are called fall starts. The fall starts are an exercise to help us get out the blocks faster because the start of the race is the most important part of the race. Basically you would fall as far as you can before you start running at ¾ speed. The second exercise that we did were a series of high knees. The faster you pump your arms the higher and faster your knees move. After that we did mini hurdles for agility rather than speed and we ran through it 4 times. Then we did this exercise where we had cones set up in a square, then we had to sprint forward, shuffle to the left facing inwards, then sprint again, and shuffle facing outwards. We did those about 4 times as well. Then we did long stride walks for about ½ a mile.