March 30,2023

Today at practice it was an easy day that felt like a hard day. We started with our normal warm-up outside. It was like 42 degrees outside and so I was cold. I went with the hurdlers and we did high knee sprints, backwards sprints, and regular sprints. I think it was really fun but my knee was bothering me.

After that we did 150m hurdles 4 times to help us with the 300 meter hurdles. It was really fun but stressful too. I think I did okay, but on my last round I ended up hurting my knee. Then we went back inside to do a cool down which was to run ½ a mile.

After that I ended up going to the school trainor to see I she could help me with my knee. She said it is possibly because of a strain on my muscles. She gave me ice and told me to rest. Which helped a little but not much.