March 27, 2023

During track practice I practiced with the sprinters. I normally go with the hurdlers because of the fact that we would run more and require more endurance and stamina. Honestly, I feel that I do better in races because of the fact that if I run more at practice and less at meets I feel extra prepared.

Some of the exercises that I did with the sprinters were kind of different, but they are very helpful. We did AB skips which were kind of fun. Then we also had these mini hurdles to help with agility and speed. I love the mini hurdles and I think that would be my favorite exercise because of the fact that is super fun and in my opinion easy.

Our warm-ups are really fun other than the fact that we have to do I twice. We do 5 pushups, 10 squats, bridge, 7 burpees, planks, One legged bridge, and side planks. I don’t think they’re terrible but sometimes it is very tedious. So that was my track practice.